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  • RE: Story Grid / Book Architecture

    @toasha It's quite an interesting layout, I should try to do something like that when I get back to writing. My head always worked a bit differently when plotting, but seeing this gives me some cool ideas :)

    Looking forward to seeing it finished. And as usual, if we can make it easier for you, let us know!

    posted in Planning and Plotting
  • RE: Story Grid / Book Architecture

    This looks great! Really well done!

    It makes me wonder, would it help to allow for gaps in the timeline, so each block is aligned with the "Plot points" on top, or is it better to have it compact as it is now?

    posted in Planning and Plotting
  • RE: Story not saving

    Hey Mel! We are currently working on fixing this. I'll keep you posted.

    posted in Support / Help
  • RE: Firsts

    I like that they are explicitly "Not Beautiful" xD

    posted in Plotist Showcase
  • RE: 26 hour ship schedule

    This is quite a beautiful timeline! I like how you are stretching the limits of the visualisation, this is definitely a case we were not contemplating. And the regularity of it appeases the little OCD in me 😌

    posted in Plotist Showcase
  • RE: My First Export

    Glad you like the exports :)

    We will be making cross-referencing easier in the future:

    posted in Comments & Feedback
  • RE: Associating elements with scenes/chapters?

    This is something we are working on. We would like to offer the option to link elements not only to stories, but also to other elements. This will be some sort of internal linking, so you can navigate to the elements at any time and update them, as you can do from a timeline.

    On top of that, we will offer a "quick view" option, so when you are editing a chapter or an element you will be able to have a quick access to your notes without leaving the editor.

    This is still work in progress, and there are a few other cool things we will be implementing related to this, but it's still very early to give more details about it.

    Keep an eye out ;)

    posted in Comments & Feedback
  • RE: Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! And generally Happy Holidays! Hope you all have a great time, have a good rest and get lots of books as presents (and some inspiration too!)

    posted in General Chit Chat
  • RE: Feature Suggestion: Lightweight mapping (fast, easy and helpful)

    This is quite a cool idea! We want to add more visualizations to our toolklit, and we already have a few in mind. One of them is graphs, but we never thought of using it for mapping locations, just for showing relationships. We'll add it to our list of ideas. Although for maps we would like to have something more visual than a graph representation, it could be a good first step and it opens up for many types of analysis that could be quite useful.

    GraphViz is quite cool, by the way. I used it for a bit when I was doing research on social networks (as in networks of friends, not Facebook and the like). If you have big graphs and want something pretty, I would look into Gephi, which has a big focus on aesthetics. It's what I used for presentations.

    And for web charting libraries, we know a few. We will probably end up using D3 or related for it's flexibility and the amount of plugins it offers, but we still have to go through an evaluation process to see what would work best for whatever we want to do at that point.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    posted in Support / Help
  • RE: Text based plotting interface needed rather than UI

    Markdown is an amazing markup language and we have some plans for it. At the moment you can export all your texts as markdown, but not outlines or timelines. Your idea for exporting outlines is quite good, and we might implement that soon.

    Timelines will be a bit more difficult, although it could be expressed in the same way: top level will be the key, second level will be a block and the third level will be an event. We don't know how useful this would be, but we'll be running some tests.

    In terms of future plans for Markdown, we were considering using their syntax as the syntax for our editor. You would be able to type things like *italic*, **bold** and other syntax (instead of selecting and clicking on the toolbar) and it will be converted to the appropriate style. That, together with some shortcuts for structure, would make writing really smooth and quick, with little if any need to take your hands off the keyboard.

    posted in Support / Help

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