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  • RE: Copying timeline?

    Hello @saysi-travel! Welcome to Plotist!

    This is actually something that we do not currently have available. It is a fantastic idea thought and it is now on our list of features to add to the timelines! :D Perhaps something involving importing as well. I'll bring this to the team. :D If you have an idea of how you would like it to function, like clicking on a track, or simply being able to create a copy to edit, or what have you, let us know! :D

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  • RE: Hello, Hello!

    Hehe. Hello again! :D Hopefully we're able to help you get your writing goals accomplished! :D

    Your name and description hint that you're writing fantasy, but is that the case? Do you write in any other genres?

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  • RE: Event: Collaboration Bonanza! posted in General Chit Chat
  • Plotist Community Collaboration Bonanza: Event One

    Bring on the cooking recipe

    Click here to see the full blog post

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  • RE: Data/Element Caps

    At this current moment and time, we have no limit to how many elements you want to have. When we say Unlimited Elements, Unlimited Timelines, we mean it. ;) Go have fun with those characters, locations, events, and others! :D

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  • Preventing the "I'm not done yet" roadblock

    Over the past week I've gone back and started re-reading a few series that I haven't read in several years. As I knew the series, the flow, etc, I hand picked which books I wanted to read. Certain books created certain emotions from certain characters which I love to revisit on occasion. It dawned on me as I was reading book 10, in a 19+ book long series, that it was one of the series that actually put me off finishing one of my books. Not because I didn't feel I could write, and not because I didn't think I could produce a good story, but because I found myself feeling like I had to already have the timeline, layout, structure, and everything for every single book in the series I wanted to write, before I could write it.

    Now that I have had a chance to go back and confront an unknown, and unconscious bias I had placed on myself, I realize that I only have to have a brief idea of the world, the characters, the entire story before finishing the books. Characters will influence every book they are in, things will change. But if I just focus on one story at a time, I can get it done! :D

    So, just a little reminder, you do not have to have -everything- ready, you can just write and see what happens and still be a tiny planner (not always a pantzer)! :D

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  • RE: Can't edit element.

    Hello there @sessakag!

    Sorry to hear you're having issues with this. Can you do me a favor and make sure you have closed all browser windows and then reopen Plotist and see if you still have the issue. :)

    If you do, I'll tap @jaycano to come have a look! :)

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  • RE: Clean it out

    I totally second this. I also want to point out that @Sunny is awesome and seems slightly psychic! :D We were just talking about this on the Plotist discord! (come join us if you haven't yet: ). Thus, I officially pin this post on our forums so it stays in our faces!

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  • RE: Different types of character stereotypes

    I admit it. I have several. I think I am almost influenced by mood, but for me it also depends on the genre. When dealing with my romances (I do so love them), I am all about the monsters being monsters. For some reason redemption stories rub me the wrong way. If I have an alien, let the alien be true to their nature and culture.

    I can totally get behind the huge sweetheart @Sunny, especially if it's like the RAWR MONSTER, but I luffs you bats eyes and swoons. Haha.

    I also admit to being a bit like @Occi when it comes to certain types of relationships. There seems to be an almost trope within certain romance genres that make me cry, and one of them is the whole constant miscommunication. I can get behind a couple instances, but if every 2 chapters the characters are not talking, or having issues that could have been resolved by talking, I get annoyed. It's okay the first few times, especially if they come from different species, or cultures, etc, but after a while, it gets grating.

    One of the things I absolutely love is having a character that is underestimated. So, if I work with vampires, or things that live long, I love the idea of a character that looks young, but could probably out think, out fight, and out maneuver.

    Another huge stereotype I love to create is one that is the complete antithesis of me. It's fun to take a character and go "If I were in this situation I would do this." and my character is all "Hah, no. We do the absolute opposite." And I watch what happens. Exploration in a safe way!

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  • RE: Finally finishing

    @toasha said in Finally finishing:

    Your brain will work on it in the background and it will just pop up at the weirdest of times. Then you go back and plug it in.

    This is so true. I can't tell you the number of times I'll be in the middle of something else and then boom my brain has the answer to a scene. Granted this happens most notably when I am trying to fall asleep, but I have had it happen when shopping, dancing with my dogs, and even while playing a game.

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